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Bring your WHY to life 

If you’ve ever spent ten minutes with a three-year old, you can vouch for their curiosity. “Why can’t I touch that?” “Why is my hair brown?” “Why does that woman’s face look so old?”

While an untimely “why” can put unsuspecting parents in an embarrassing situation, cultivating curiosity is how every child grows. In fact, we should never shy away from life’s “whys,” even as our children reach adulthood. Here are several “whys” your grown children or grandchildren actually need to hear from you.

•  Have you told them WHY they mean so much to you? Many baby boomers grew up in homes where their mother was the only parent handing out hugs and “I love yous” and are still longing for their parents’ affirmation. Don’t be afraid to tell them WHY they mean so much how you feel about them.

•  Have you told them WHY you embraced faith? Communicating your faith journey can help instill a godly legacy. If serving Jesus is the WHY that gets you out of bed in the morning — tell them!

•  Have you told them WHY you have certain personal values? Are you passionate about supporting a certain cause? If it matters to you, it’s worth sharing with them.

Many individuals are excited to learn they can easily turn their WHY into action, by supporting a ministry or cause that aligns with their values. For instance, a Charitable Gift Annuity is a simple way to communicate your WHY to the next generation, receive an income stream for life, and bless Sunday Breakfast Mission in the process.

For the full version of this article, request a FREE copy of “Make Your WHY A Way of Life” by contacting Rev. Tom Laymon at (302) 656-8542, ext. 103 or tlaymon@sundaybreakfastmission.org - or bless your family today with a God-honoring Will at www.christianwill.org/sbm.

State of Homelessness

There are approximately 945 homeless men, women and children in Delaware on any given night