Commissioner Meyer Serves at SBM

Commissioner Meyer 1-2-17Matt Meyer Begins His Service as County Commissioner by Serving at SBM

[Commissioner Meyer 1-2-17]
The newly elected NCC Commissioner desired to send a strong message of his passion for NCC residents to be willing to serve others in the community with their time and finances.  Commissioner Meyer demonstrated his passion by serving women, children and men in need of compassion and mercy at SBM on 2/2/17, the day before his inauguration.

He brought several staff members and invited members of the community to help serve the homeless, hungry and hurting in NCC. Meyer’s team packed food boxes and served meals to residents/community.

He also hosted a round table discussion with several SBM's Men's Discipleship Program residents to acquire an understanding from former addicts of the challenges faced in breaking free of drug/alcohol addiction

Mr. Meyer's example and Call to Action for NNC residents is a Great Blessing and Encouragement  to SBM staff and residents.  Thank you Commissioner Meyer, staff & community!