Stories of Change

Stories of Change

Because you give lives are transformed

Stories of Change

  • Shaunice

    "I came into the Mission having pushed away my family and friends, because I had concluded it was just me and my kids against the world. I was in a bad situation and needed to change my life... You made it possible."   Read More

  • Cameron

    Alienated from friends, and family because of a lifestyle of multiple incarcerations, drug addiction, and living in abandoned buildings; Cameron finally found hope when a counselor directed him to Sunday Breakfast Mission.   Read More

  • Aubrey

    Aubrey by his own account was brought up in a good home and did well in school. It would be while serving in the armed forces that the use of alcohol and drugs began to take control of his life. The control of drugs and alcohol consumed Aubrey’s life..   Read More

  • Kevin

    "So often people assume that the homeless person they see on the street probably had a bad start to life. But there are plenty of folks who wind up out on the streets who had a decent start to life."   Read More

  • Ispa

    In July of 2012 devastating events occurred that left Ispa Burns’ life shattered. These events later led her to Sunday Breakfast Mission in October of 2012.   Read More

“[Sunday Breakfast Mission is] a place to deal with my past, anger issues, and to learn how to cope.”

—Archie, Program Participant

“This is a safe haven where men can come closer to God and heal.”

—Don Laws, Program Participant