Thanksgiving Opportunities

Food Drive

Each year SBM collects more than 30 tons of food through our Thanksgiving Food Drive in partnership with WSFS Bank. This year our goal is to break through the 60 ton barrier. You can help in this record setting effort by conducting a Food Drive at your church, school or office. We can provide bags with a list of items we want to gather and a box to collect the food in. We can also pick up your food drive proceeds.   Contact Nancy Wheeler for more details.

Food Boxes: Sorting, Packing

We need your help sorting tons of food, literally. Our food drive will bring more than 30 tons of food into our warehouse. We need it separated into the correct bin, and repackaged for distribution in Thanksgiving Food Boxes. Food arrives daily from WSFS branches and other food drives in the community. Pick a day, pick up a friend and come contribute to a great event serving your community. Volunteer now.

Food Boxes: Distribution

On Monday and Tuesday the week of Thanksgiving we will provide 1,400 food boxes to 1,200 families. A squadron of volunteers is needed to deliver the box from the warehouse to the car of the recipient. Come for a shift or work all day. Sign up to volunteer HERE. Check the distribution box and let us know when you are avialable.

Food Boxes: Evangelism

Each family who comes for a food box during food box distribution is offered Christian spiritual counseling. Often those who come for food have a much deeper hunger. Counselors are needed to make a simple gospel presentation. A training for this will be offered  November 20th in the evening. Fill out a volunteer application right now. 

Follow Up 

Follow up is also needed with those who respond to the gospel. If you can't help the week of Thanksgiving you can help get people connected to a local chruch, answer further questions, and gather additional information. Please contact Nancy Wheeler to learn more.

Thanksgiving Banquet

On Thanksgiving Day we will serve more meals in a single day than at any other night in the year. More than a thousand people will come together for a complete Thanksgiving dinner from Turkey to Pumpkin pie. No one will leave hungry. Volunteers are needed help in the kitchen throughout the week leading up to Thanksgiving, set up before the banquet, serve the meal, and clean up after the meal. You and your family can serve. Let us know when and where.